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TMS-EEG signal analyser (TESA) code repository

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The TMS-EEG signal analyser (TESA) is an open source extension for EEGLAB that includes functions necessary for cleaning and analysing TMS-EEG data. Both EEGLAB and TESA run in Matlab (r2015b or later).

Downloading TESA

To download TESA, visit the TESA release page:

TESA user manual

A detailed description on how to use TESA is available in the TESA user manual on Gitbooks:

The user manual is available online or can be download in pdf, epub and mobi formats.

Example data and scripts

Some example data for trialling TESA are available on figshare:

An example script demonstrating a TMS-EEG analysis pipeline using TESA is available in the toolbox: example_script_from_manual.m

Citations and acknowledgements

If you use this software, please read and cite the following open access journal articles:

Comments and bugs

Any suggestions for improving TESA or bug reports are greatly appreciated, and can be made via the issues tab.

Contributing to TESA

Developing methods for cleaning and analysing TMS-EEG data is an active area of research. Users are welcome to submit new functions to be included in TESA by contacting Nigel Rogasch.

Code contributors

Nigel C. Rogasch, Julio C. Hernandez-Pavon, Caley Sullivan, Nathan S. Rose, Tuomas P. Mutanen, Mana Biabani, Jukka Sarvas